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GM’s Mary Barra Bets Big on an Electric, Self-Driving Future. by David Welch and Bryan Gruley. Remarks Has Poland’s Government Become a Threat to Business?.
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All subscribers of the Bloomberg Professional service and the Bloomberg Terminal also receive Bloomberg Markets as part of their subscription. Bloomberg Markets was launched in July [5] as "Bloomberg: A Magazine for Bloomberg Users" and was originally intended to be a guide for the Bloomberg Professional service.

William Inman served as Bloomberg Markets founding editor. In , the magazine became part of Bloomberg News and Ronald Henkoff became editor. Prior to joining Bloomberg Markets , Henkoff worked as a reporter and editor at Newsweek and Fortune. In , the magazine's name was changed to Bloomberg Markets and became available on newsstands.

In fall , Bloomberg Markets was redesigned in an effort to attract a broader array of advertisers and expand its content. In addition to the redesign, Bloomberg Markets unveiled a trade advertising campaign to position itself as the leading publication for the "global financial elite" and increased its circulation rate base from , to , by December In June , Bloomberg Markets announced the launch of the 50 Most Influential franchise, its list of the most influential people in global finance, which appeared in the October issue.

To coincide with the issue, the magazine hosted the inaugural Bloomberg Markets 50 Summit, a day-long event, held in September in New York City. Bloomberg Markets would be testing a spin-off luxury title with a spring issue called Bloomberg Pursuits. In October , it was announced by the parent company that Bloomberg Markets would reduce publication from 11 issues a year to six.

Bloomberg Markets has a staff of editors in the U. In addition, the magazine draws on contributions from journalists at Bloomberg News , a global news service with bureaus in 72 countries. In , editor Ron Henkoff won the Lawrence Minard Award as part of the Gerald Loeb Awards, which recognizes an editor whose career achievements and contributions to the profession of business, financial and economic journalism exemplify excellence in the area of editing.

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In , Bloomberg Markets was made available in digital form for the iPad alongside its Businessweek subscription circulation. Following a six-month investigation, David Evans's article revealed that life insurance companies were withholding billions of dollars in benefits from the families of slain soldiers and millions of other Americans. Department of Veterans Affairs required that Prudential offer the families of slain soldiers the option of receiving one check for the full amount of the death benefit.

This three-story cover package revealed the complicit role of rating companies Moody's and Standard and Poor's in creating the complex mortgage-backed securities stuffed with subprime debt that would trigger the global credit crisis.

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