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Once more Wagner took refuge in Switzerland. He decided to stay in Lucerne; while there he completed the score of Tristan und Isolde, on Aug. In Sept. It proved to be a fiasco, and Wagner withdrew the opera after 3 performances. For some reason the Jockey Club of Paris led a vehement protest against him; the critics also joined in this opposition, mainly because the French audiences were not accustomed to the mystically romantic, heavily Germanic operatic music. Hanslick used his great literary gift and a flair for a striking simile to damn him as a purveyor of cacophony.

Oscar Wilde added his measure of wit. Finally, on March 18, , he was granted a total amnesty, which allowed him access to Saxony. After a brief period of reconciliation with Wagner, Minna left him, settling in Dresden, where she died in In order to repair his financial situation, he accepted a number of concert appearances, traveling as an orch. Petersburg , Moscow, and other cities In he gave a private reading of Die Meistersinger in Vienna. It is said that Hanslick was angered when he found out that Wagner had caricatured him in the part of Beckmesser in Die Meistersinger the original name of the character was Hans Lick , and he let out his discomfiture in further attacks on Wagner.

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In return, Wagner composed the Huldigungsmarsch, which he dedicated to his royal patron. The publ. Ludwig was forced to advise him to leave Munich. Wagner took this advice as an order, and late in he went to Switzerland. During the summer of he prepared the prose sketch of Parzival, and began to dictate his autobiography, Mein Leben, to Cosima. He completed the full score of Die Meistersinger on Oct. A son, significantly named Siegfried, was born to Cosima and Wagner on June 6, On Sept. In Dec. On May 12 of that year, while in Leipzig, Wagner made public his plans for realizing his cherished dream of building his own theater in Bayreuth for the production of the entire cycle of Der Ring des Nibelungen.

Ludwig gave him , talers for this purpose. Between June and Aug. In all, 3 complete productions of the Ring cycle were given between Aug. There, on June 13,, he overpowered the psychiatrist escorting him on a walk and dragged him to his death in the Starnberg Lake, drowning himself as well. Ludwig survived Wagner by 4 months. The spectacles in Bayreuth attracted music-lovers and notables from all over the world. Tchaikovsky was one such skeptical visitor. Despite world success and fame, Wagner still labored under financial difficulties.

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Nothing came of this particular proposal. He completed the full score of Parsifal as it was now called on Jan. It was performed for the first time at the Bayreuth Festival on July 26,, followed by 15 subsequent performances.

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At the final performance, on Aug. He went to Venice in Sept. Early in the afternoon of Feb. His body was interred in a vault in the garden of his Wahnfried villa in Bayreuth. Not only did he create works of great beauty and tremendous brilliance, but he generated an entirely new concept of the art of music, exercising an influence on generations of composers all over the globe.

When he rejected traditional opera, he did so in the conviction that such an artificial form could not serve as a basis for true dramatic expression. In its place he gave the world a new form and new techniques. In his many essays and declarations Wagner condemns the illogical plan of Italian opera and French grand opera. It is for this reason that in most of his operas Wagner selected figures that reflect philosophical ideas.


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Thus it came to pass that the Wagnerian domination of the musical stage suddenly lost its power with changes in human society and aesthetic codes. Spectators and listeners were no longer interested in solving artistic puzzles on the stage. A demand for human simplicity arose against Wagnerian heroic complexity. By the second quarter of the 20 th century, few if any composers tried to imitate Wagner; all at once his grandeur and animation became an unnatural and asphyxiating constraint.

He introduced the idea of an endless melody, a continuous flow of diatonic and chromatic tones; the tonality became fluid and uncertain, producing an impression of unattainability, so that the listener accustomed to Classical modulatory schemes could not easily feel the direction toward the tonic; the Prelude to Tristan und Isolde is a classic example of such fluidity of harmonic elements.

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The use of long unresolved dominant-ninth-chords and the dramatic tremolos of diminished-seventh-chords contributed to this state of musical uncertainty, which disturbed the critics and the audiences alike. Wagnerian harmony also became the foundation of the new method of composition that adopted a free flow of modulatory progressions. Without Wagner the chromatic idioms of the 20 th century could not exist. Wagner became the target of political contention during World War I when audiences in the Allied countries associated his sonorous works with German imperialism.

Hitler ordered the slaughter of millions of Jews; he was an enthusiastic admirer of Wagner, who himself entertained anti- Semitic notions; ergo, Wagner was guilty by association of mass murder.

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Can art be separated from politics, particularly when politics become murderous? Jewish musicians in Tel Aviv refused to play the Prelude to Tristan und Isolde when it was put on the program of a sym. Several periodicals dealing with Wagner were publ. From to , a Wagner Soc. Tribschen, Dec. Also a projected orch. Magdeburg, Dec.

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Riga, Nov. Also a scene and aria for Soprano and Orch. Songs: Sieben Kompositionen zu Goethes Faust, op. Wagner devoted a large amount of his enormous productive activity to writing. Besides the dramatic works he set to music, he also wrote the following: Leubald. Ein Trauerspiel ; Die hohe Braut, oder Bianca und Giuseppe, 4-act tragic opera prose scenario, and ; music composed by Johann Kittl and perf. Wagner expounded his theories on music, politics, philosophy, religion, etc. The first ed. Wagner: Gesammelte Schriften und Dichtungen 9 vols. Ellis ed. Sternfeld ed. See also the diaries of Cosima Wagner; they have been ed.

Gregor-Dellin and D. Balling 10 vols. Dahlhaus et al. Mainz, et seq.

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Kastner prepared a W. Death-ridge, M.

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